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It's rare in the electronic music scene to come across such a hard working
musician/ producer/ DJ as Andy Compton - drawing inspiration for his work ethics from his idols like James Brown & Roy Ayers.

He's managed to find ways to convert his feelings and emotions into albums, with each of the 50 albums capturing chapters in his life. Andy is one of the true unsung heroes of Deep House!

He's dedicated his life to making music with some of the the finest musicians in the industry, making sweet vibrations which spread across the planet, bringing happiness and love!

This album is titled 'Reflections', as Andy has reflected on his past albums and life for the inspiration for this new piece of work. This album will be released on his 50th Birthday, on the 30th January 2024.

Through his musical production career spanning 30 years he's had many highlights, such as remixing Marvin Gaye for Motown, supplying music for HBO's 'Six Feet Under' - being one of the first artists to give an album away for free! With DJ mag and releasing albums via EMI, Sony, Warner & Universal, finding his musical spiritual home in South Africa thanks to the record label 'House Afrika'.

Mainly known for his ground breaking UK Jazzy/Soulful house act 'The Rurals' Andy has also broken into other genres with his other artist projects like 'COMPTON', 'Andy Compton's Sowetan Onesteps', 'L.A.M.P', 'Blue Dream', 'Andy Compton', 'Acid Andy', as well as writing and producing albums for some great vocalists.

For this album Andy collaborates with Bristol soul diva Celestine, Detroit's Malik Alston & Javonntte, Irantzu from LA, Shamrock from South Africa, Bristols Anders Olinder, and old school Rurals players Pete Morris & Charlie Hearnshaw.

The vibes are Deep House, musical and jazzy, in the distinct Rurals style that's loved worldwide!
Embrace the soulful sounds, and feel free to spread the word!

People are often puzzled by the thought that the picturesque pastures of Devonshire, UK can be home to the distinctive sound of delicate jazzy beats laid over the sweetest soul-drenched vocals.
Yet, it’s true!

Since 1994, The Rurals have been perfecting a unique style of live elements with thumping electronic music from their countryside haven.

Found tracks

The Rurals - Hole In My Heart
The Rurals - Slow World
The Rurals - To Be Free
The Rurals - Dance With Me (Andy Compton's Bristol Mix)
The Rurals - Dusk Jam
The Rurals - Scratch The Surface
The Rurals - The Long Winter
The Rurals - Cry For Help
The Rurals - Falling Deep
The Rurals - Love & Pain