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Wretched Life

Wretched Life
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Wretched Life’ is a strange and heady cocktail that simultaneously references the bands noted above, whilst sounding nothing like any of them. Beefy, catchy hardcore that kicks hard in both brain and gut. The employment of saxophone is not unique in punk but in in this d-beat infused, reverb-drenched milieu it is certainly a rarity. I can think of no band currently – or formerly – operating in the international hardcore punk scene that sounds quite like this!

PI$$ER is the brainchild of James Domestic (THE DOMESTICS / DIS-TANK / BRING THE DRONES) and draws on the talents of various luminaries of the punk/hardcore scene both home and abroad. The rhythm section comprises Swedish legend Charlie Claesson (ANTI-CIMEX / WOLFHOUR / THE PARTISANS / BRING THE DRONES) on drums and Rhodes (THE DOMESTICS / HOBOPOPE & THE GOLDFISH CATHEDRAL) on bass and organ. On guitar are Bri Talbot from UK crust titans, DOOM, and Matt Woods (ex-REVENGE OF THE PSYCHOTRONIC MAN and now DISSIDENTS). Topping all this off is saxophone abuser Eddie O’Toole (THE SHITTY LIMITS / THE FILAMENTS / BEAT THE RED LIGHT / PERSONNEL) and James Domestics’ ravaged, menacing, vocal tones taking on a murky, delay-enhanced edge.

Found tracks

Pi$$er - The Lie Is As Good As The Medicine
Pi$$er - I Won't Repent
Pi$$er - Pi$$er
Pi$$er - Wretched Life



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