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Spirit Moves

Spirit Moves
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Following a string of unavoidable releases in only the past two years with unprecedented international support, Brussels’ own Altinbas returns to Token with a second release entitled ‘Spirit Moves’. Recognisably full-bodied tracks, riddled with classic techniques yet designed for the modern dancefloor, Altinbas offers intention in the age of impulsivity.

‘Presence’ opens the EP, easing the listener into what has become Altinbas’s marque de fabrique. A steady, round low-end eggs us on to zip through vast celestial bodies, with euphoric inclines and cloudy descents. Traveling through ‘Presence’ is fluid if anything, establishing an introduction of boundless dimension to a record made with precision. Following this opening, Altinbas re-focuses his attention to centric rhythm. Bold, toned percussion makes for an infectious groove, instrumental in the most efficient way possible. Swapping drum machine sequences as an arrangement, the Belgian producer presses on to the second side of his project with the title track ‘Spirit Moves’. Taking yet another turn, the third part of the EP focuses on playful synth work with raspy hi hats; a seemingly randomized arpeggio runs along a head-bobbing rhythm, scattering melody for tension. Having departed from depth in the middle of the project, Altinbas comes full circle for the last chapter, ‘Blue Lace’. A return to stabby dub-like synths spread out in the stereo image make for a club record reminiscent of German classics. Mixing it with an eager tempo and present drums over a glossy ambience, Altinbas closes his second solo contribution to Token records by reaffirming the value of his sonic identity.

Record label, established in 2007 in Ghent, Belgium.

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Altinbas - Presence
Altinbas - Spoken Word
Altinbas - Spirit Moves
Altinbas - Blue Lace