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the days fall away (one hour environment)

the days fall away (one hour environment)
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Losing track of time is a lost art.

"How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives."- Annie Dillard

I aspire to spend my days lost in the moments of the sun setting, and in the slow spinning of the stars, and in the quiet lapping of the water on the shore of the lake. I hold still, time slows, the days fall away, and there is nothing but now.

Best New Age Album Grammy Nominee, and award winning musician, composer, and producer.

"Lush, shadowed, emotional music that’s rich in harmonies and oceanic layers and…so deliciously slow.”
-Ambient Music Guide

“A piano sound to lust after, immersed in a suggestive, gauzy world of beautifully wrought electronics and guitar loops”
-Tim Story

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tom eaton - the days fall away