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Higher EP

Higher EP
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Toy Tonics presents a new producer team: Sound Support consists of two enthusiastic synth and house aficionados that everybody knows (in the scene): Lars Dales from Dam Swindle and Lorenz Rhode (keyboard wizard and producer genius).
Together they are doing extremly groovy, jazz infected dance music that connects the good things of 1990ies house with the indie disco of the 2000s.

Lars Dales & Lorenz Rhode connected through their mutual love for all things musically unusual. After years of having worked together on several projects, such as the Dam Swindle liveshow, they finally got around to making music together. The result has been nothing less than an avalanche of tracks, mostly made in 4 day coffee fueled studio sessions in Lorenz’ studio in Cologne. All reminding the big funk house trackas of the early 2000s. Yes a lot of Daft Punk is here, A lot of NYC disco inflenves. Larry Levan and Laurent Garnier, DJ Harvey and Masters at Work.. all influences on this record.

After their first two Sound Support EP’s on Prins Thomas’ label, Internasjonal, they’ve ventured out to House of Disco and other labels with a wide array of immensely enjoyable synth heavy tracks. 2023 sees these two venture more into house territory with releases on AUS music and Toy Tonics, two labels that have cemented themselves deeply into the underground scene. In any case, it’s clear that Sound Support have found its signature sound and there is much more of that to look forward to. Toy Tonics is the key label for the wildstyle house scene and Sound Support fit perfectly. Welcome!

Since 2013
Vinyl & Digital
Made by KAPOTE
Artworks by PAZE

Found tracks

Sound Support - Higher (Extended Mix)
Sound Support - Bump Into You
Sound Support - Work 2 It
Sound Support - The Rock