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Tlalocan Compiled by Tripura yantra records Vol. 2

Tlalocan Compiled by Tripura yantra records Vol. 2
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Tlalocan Compiled by Tripura yantra records

- So is our fate, wandering wayfarer follow this, beautiful life, eternal prayer where we can understand that we are doing right or wrong to straighten our spirit and surrender with faith courage love with art in this short time we come to pass.
Tripura yantra records presents this compilation full of music sounds great masters of the dark psychedelia

- Asi es nuestro destino, errante, caminante seguiremos este rezo eterno, bello de vida, donde podemos comprender que estamos haciendo bien o mal para enderezar nuestro espiritu y entregarnos con fe con amor con coraje con arte en este corto tiempo que venimos a pasar.
La famila Yantra presenta este compilado lleno de musica sonidos de grandes maestros de la psicodelia obscura

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various Artists - Cthulhu - La puerta de Mictlan (165BPM)
various Artists - PolyBius - De la Nada (160BPM)
various Artists - Bizzare frequenCy - Pacha mama (155BPM)
various Artists - Hallupsynagogic - Jalidepas (149BPM)
various Artists - JIWA - Venusians in underground (148BPM)
various Artists - Sanathana - Maut (179BPM)
various Artists - Nocturnal Mars - Substantial Fear (150BPM)
various Artists - Tuukul Piixan - Mitotil Auatlan (155BPM)