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In Formation

In Formation
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Released at FF`SPACE

RELEASE`s NOTES: "In formation" - term could be used when the process of forming some structure is in process. “Information” is a sequence structure of symbols that can be interpreted as a message. Music could be a time sequence of sounds that can be interpreted as a composition. If the density of information is increased then the cells of time should work with a wider amount of data. If symbols of the sequence are constant then the algorithm of forming would be transformed. The evolution of the “formation” adopts the quality of the “information”.

IN FORMATION continues the serie of digitall art products of FF`Space. Founded format as the conection of music and static graphics as the shelling to the visual digitall package continues to tune the intelligent brains to the abstract worlds of generated fragments.



All tracks produced, recorded in real-time, recomposed and mastered by V4W.ENKO

(c) 2012-13 V4W.ENKO
(p) 2013 FF`SPACE

V4W.ENKO is about real time algorithmic and generative music compositions.

Focused in the fields of "sustain and poly rhythmic structures", "pure noise generators" and "harmonic frequency". Mostly using MAX/MSP software

V4W.ENKO creates interactive or "live everlasting" music based on procedural sounddesign by using self-programmed custom instruments with MAX/MSP/JITTER computer`s software

Found tracks

v4w.enko - 01122520122210
v4w.enko - 02122720120234
v4w.enko - 03122720121241
v4w.enko - 04122520122237
v4w.enko - 05122720120219
v4w.enko - 06122620121839
v4w.enko - 07122620121839