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Vertigo records is on the rush to deliver you a debut EP by twisted psytrance act TRIPPY TRAIL formed by two famous goan freaks: Samadhi experienced skill full knob tweaker and noise maker one side and Dj Nirmal who is as fundamental for GOA as proper species for curry. These tunes was created in their goa-based studio, polished to perfection and tested in many dance floors around the globe. So jump on the trails and take a ride with us to psychedelic wonderland.

Vertigo Records was founded specifically in order to unfold and preserve a very special type of psychoactive music: the sort of music that gives us all a feeling of motion when everything is stationary, the sort of music that makes you fly without moving and dance like nobody is watching you. Our goal is to find the most unique psychedelic gems that will penetrate the subconsciousness.

Found tracks

Trippy Trail - A for ACID
Trippy Trail - ZenO'Clock
Trippy Trail - Ohmthing