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Slaughter For Satan

Slaughter For Satan
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The second blasphemous attack of bestial black/death from Vestal Cuntvomit. Pure war and hatred.
Cassette version available here and from Unpure Records.
The CD version is available from Maltkross Productions.

Bestial War Black/Death Metal from Australia.
Savage old-school brutality.

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Found tracks

Vestal Cuntvomit - Antichrist Artillery
Vestal Cuntvomit - Rape and Burn Jehovah
Vestal Cuntvomit - Castrate the Clergy
Vestal Cuntvomit - Primal Sadistic Vengeance
Vestal Cuntvomit - Savage Rites of Mutilation
Vestal Cuntvomit - Violated Corpses of the Christian Born