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El tiempo anda, camina y corre: el presente es efímero, se escapa de nuestras manos como arena arrastrada por el viento.

Nuestras vidas son como los médanos, que por la voluntad de la naturaleza no pueden estarse quietos; Nómades.

La piedra pulverizada: no hay final claro para las cosas. Somos polvo que vuelve al polvo, bruma que se pierde en la bruma misma.

El reloj de arena encapsula estos sentidos y mas: el tiempo que se escapa, el constante reinventar de los estados, el ciclo eterno en el que bailamos sin escuchar la música que lo guía, barajar y dar de vuelta, tierra y madera, sal y agua, viento y arena...


Time walks and runs: the present is ephemeral, it escapes our grasp like sand blown by the wind.

Our lives are like dunes, by the will of nature they can't stand quiet; Nomads.

The pulverized stone: there no clear ending on sight. We are dust that returns to dust, mist that gets lost in the mist itself.

The hourglass encapsulates this meanings and more: The time that runs away, the constant reinventing of the states, the eternal cycle in which we dance without hearing the music that guides it, shuffle and deal again, earth and wood, salt and water, wind and sand...

Viaje a Ixtlán lives in constant movement, in constant change, getting out of the confort zone in each step, experimenting and chewing out each sound that influenced us so much.

Taking as a starting point instrumental and dark passages, the band has developed a personal aestetic where their sound experimentation and their electric volatibility get fused together.

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Viaje a Ixtlan - Arenales