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T҉ E҉ C҉ H҉ N҉ O҉ M҉ A҉ N҉ C҉ Y҉

"Sometime in the near future in a reality not so far away advanced technology has become indistinguishable from magic.

Clairvoyance through Big Data analysis. Predicting the future by creating it. Programming the masses while mining data out of their souls. Subcultures disappearing and merging together. Digital conformism. Sponsored reality targeting your data feed with unwanted information. Censorship through memes idiocy & guilt control. Pay to exist or die by electronic oblivion.

Everything and everyone is for sale with cryptocurrency. Prostitution of the arts in the name of profit. Digitalized and remarketed until the end of the world. Resurrected idols to be consumed one more time. Remote controlled performers on prosthetics & augmentation devices. A generation suffering for technological unemployment competing for status or survival. Celebrities of micro networks exploiting their privacy for a lapse of glory.

Inhumanity and disinformation spreading over mainstream platforms for free or HD for few credits out your MMORPG account. Emotions tracked and deceived with neural implants. Terror and wars of religion over social networks to enforce AI drone surveillance. Dissident voices silenced with fabricated defamation and controlled public outrage. Sexbots and designer drugs on VR headsets are the new opium.

Meanwhile in the slums of the urban sprawl a new cult is recruiting fresh blood. Smugglers of a dark knowledge unknown to the population at large. Distributing rune stones on LCD screens. Digital alchemists decrypting sigils stolen from corporate databases. Programming spellware to break the firewall of conformity.

A gathering of Technomancers against dystopia is born.
Armed with open source grimoires.
Codebreaking the occult.
Hackers of the arcane

Masters of Technomancy"
Programming spellware to break the firewall of conformity. Codebreaking the occult. Master of Technomancy.

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Victor Love - Bitchcraft (feat. KMFDM)
Victor Love - Irrationality (feat. Spiritual Front)
Victor Love - Cocaine (feat. Deflore)
Victor Love - Surrenders (feat. Deathstars)
Victor Love - Machine Gun (feat. Army Of The Universe)
Victor Love - The New System (feat. Aborym)
Victor Love - I Curse You (feat. Zu)
Victor Love - Blind Or Dead (feat. The Enigma TNG)
Victor Love - Can't Your Remember (feat. Hate Inc.)
Victor Love - Black Dreams (feat. ORAX)