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Sleep Resistance

Sleep Resistance
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world’s end girlfriend starts new project named “Fatal Defect Orchestra”. This project is experiments using streaming services as one of the new ways of fighting for the current Coronavirus Pandemic and Post-Pandemic era. The first title “Sleep Resistance” release on 17 April 2020. By listeners play as background music (or minimal non-BGM, quiet noise.) every in sleep on their own streaming service, this can provide direct financial support to the artist and almost no financial burden on the listeners.
world’s end girlfriendが現在の新型コロナウイルス蔓延、そしてポスト・パンデミックの時代へむけた新たな抵抗/実験のひとつとして、
ストリーミングサービスだけで作品を発表する新名義”Fatal Defect Orchestra”を始動しアルバム『Sleep Resistance』を4月17日急遽リリ
ース。『Sleep Resistance』はリスナーが各ストリーミングサービス上で睡眠時に今作をBGM(または最小音量による非BGM物音)として毎晩リピート再生することにより、リスナー自身への金銭的負担はほぼなく、アーティストに直接的な金銭的サポートができる、という作品になっている。

”Sleep Resistance” calmly sounds like a beautiful heartbeat for 20 minutes and separated by every 30-40 seconds. Depends on streaming
service company, we estimate the song will generate around 300 to 500JPY sales per night by a listener repeats through the night. The sales of this will be a support to my friend artists, freelance musicians and staff who are forced into difficult situations by the corona
outbreak. Also, this will be funding for Virgin Babylon Records to carrying on.

"This is the project work of the methodology that mainly intended to produce money.Aim to survive this situation and be able to make
music without any financial worries at all. I do not know how much this work can generate money.
But I think this is one of the way of resistance and experiments to a survive upcoming more difficult new inferno season. I keep searching for new ways to fight.
I wish you a beautiful sleep. Let's fight together and dance together and laugh together again someday.”

world’s end girlfriend / Virgin Babylon Records

We Are The Music Makers, And We Are The Dreamers Of Dreams.
We Present Resistance & The Blessing Through Our Music Works.

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world's end girlfriend, Fatal Defect Orchestra - world's end girlfriend, Fatal Defect Orchestra - Sleep Resistance