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Drawing Down the Darkness

Drawing Down the Darkness
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The harrowing new doomed death metal EP by Visions From Beyond...

"Drawing from the coldest, darkest recesses of the Finnish winter, this one-man project produces dank death-doom that is as claustrophobic and intimidating as being trapped in a crypt full of re-awakening vampires..."

"New riffs slip in under old ones so that once they become the focus, you’re not sure if they were always there or not. Horror samples, buzzing flies, or a period of silence preface the tracks to build suspense..."

"...I’ll tell you outright that it’s going to be too extreme for most ears. I don’t say that as a dare; it’s just a simple fact. And for an imprint that often celebrates brutality at the expense of the accessible, it makes a fitting 50th release for Dry Cough. Kudos."

Ancient Death Metal and Funeral Doom

PORTAL TO INERTIA is out now on cassette via Dry Cough Records (UK) and CD via Brutal Cave Productions (EU)

Found tracks

Visions From Beyond - Re-Animator
Visions From Beyond - Drawing Down the Darkness
Visions From Beyond - Confronting the Adversary
Visions From Beyond - Lord of Flies