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Cruel Destiny

Cruel Destiny
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This is a response to the song "Puedo Respirar" (I Can Breathe) by Aku-P. It shows how selfish the world is and how it is causing many people to suffer continual depression, leading to suicide. There are more and more people with egocentrism, doing others believe that they are inferior, but in this song shows that the "weak" is who finally wins the war… or not. The song takes place in a parallel world where, at a young age, Fukase committed suicide and now, being only a soul, he regrets. Maybe he should have solved it another way.

I'm VNane. I'm music producer, illustrator and youtaite.

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VNaneP feat. Fukase - Cruel Destiny ft. Fukase
VNaneP feat. Fukase - Cruel Destiny ft. Fukase - Instrumental