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Between Planes

Between Planes
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With the album 'Between Planes, the American project Vyormouth continues its auditory journey through the liminal spaces of both the physical and psychic realms. Similar to the previous album 'Liminal Places,' in this case, it presents three tracks, each lasting an hour. This format contributes to amplifying the sense of spatiotemporal alienation characteristic of its sonic world. Whether exploring desolate and fenced cities, abandoned refueling stations, empty and surreal rooms, submerged and deserted villages, Vyormouth's post-human scenarios delve into the mental and Ballardian space that emerges and manifests in these "planes". Our ear and, consequently, our brain wander in search of coordinates and footholds that cannot be found in Vyormouth's sound, whose monotonous and desolate frequencies prevent us from establishing a psycho-spatial anchoring. It's music of stillness, observation, and the absence of a sense in perception.

Soundscapes for dystopias,
retro futurism and sci-fi drifts.

ZeroK is part of the Unexplained Sounds network.


Found tracks

Vyormouth - Flooded Village
Vyormouth - A space between planes (building 212)
Vyormouth - The Barbed Town