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"I could list the bands people have compared them to, but that would sell them short. They own their sound. They are one of one."
-New Noise Magazine

"Noisy and abrasive, but also hooky. Unsettling and dark, but it also doesn't take itself too seriously. It scratches that '90s alternative rock 'Sonic Youth/Fugazi/Jesus Lizard' itch without ever sounding too much like any of those bands."
–Whatever Comes Next Podcast

“Anthemic noise-punk songs that are a study in controlled chaos... Bickel’s heavy, haunting baritone guitar intertwines with Yates’ powerful drumming, creating a soundscape that is simultaneously minimalist and monumental.”

"Although a duo, Bronson Arm have delivered an album far more nuanced and hence rewarding than your bog standard noise rock outfit. So, check ’em out."
–Ghost Cult

"Reminds me of the glory days of bands on Hydrahead Records."
–Every Album Ever Podcast

"The choice to use a baritone guitar was a good one as it offers a well rounded warmth to the duo’s overall sound. But, don’t get that confused with lacking aggressive punch... Bronson Arm’s self titled debut is a treasure trove of all things noise and all things adventurous."
–Nine Circles

"Bronson Arm weaponise the art of the duo without sounding like the White Stripes on their eyeball-popping new self-titled LP."
–Louder Than War

2 Pc Noisey Slacker Psychedelic Sludge Punk Stuff from the Midwest...

Found tracks

Bronson Arm - Pleasure Brea
Bronson Arm - Hard Pass
Bronson Arm - Tedious Company
Bronson Arm - Conscious Confuser
Bronson Arm - His Ilk
Bronson Arm - Drain The Coffers
Bronson Arm - One With The Floor
Bronson Arm - Patsy Ultima
Bronson Arm - Rabit Starvation
Bronson Arm - The Devil You Know