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A lush, massive and cohesive sound. An atmosphere of journeying across a pulsating and transforming digital megacity. Mesmerizing melodies, ethereal vocal samples and percussion patterns that one can’t simply enjoy without doing some movement.
This new music project from a mysterious wizard of the future urban aesthetics called La Soul, who hides behind a peculiar mask, is his highly anticipated long-play release titled The Secret Album. The artist, however, decided to take a different approach, so this new album will consist of single releases successively following each other. Just like an ongoing audio story, chapters of which receive separate releases, the wonderful new La Soul’s music pieces form a complex music puzzle, while remaining distinct and remarkable on their own. The Secret Album combines a plethora of music genres, including Future Garage, Dubstep, Ambient, Deep House, 2-Step and Chillout, and each of the tracks is a perfectly balanced, living and multi-faceted soundscapes.
Stay tuned for the future updates on our IMMINENT Collective social media pages, so you won’t miss a new-released track from The Secret Album project by La Soul.

Review: Benjamin Kushchenko
Design: Alik Molo
Released on IMMINENT

La Soul - Kirill Zubachev is a musician from St. Petersburg. Since his childhood he was drawn to atmospheric music. He did not limit himself in one style and worked in genres such as Future Garage, Dubstep and D'n'B just to name a few.

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La Soul - Buried